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Winners Of The Rock The Vote Winter Session

Posted  April 2nd, 2015  by  Darin Morris

Here are the winners of the 2015 winter session! 1. Broken Feedback 2. Spectrum 3. The Detours Congrats to the winners!

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Voting Ends Tomorrow!

Posted  April 1st, 2015  by  Darin Morris

Great job to all the bands tonight at the warehouse! Tonight is the last night to vote for your favorite band! Check back here at 12:00pm 4/2/15or on Facebook or  for the results. Good luck to all the bands!

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V.I.P. VMIRocks Party Tomorrow! Line Up Revised

Posted  March 31st, 2015  by  Darin Morris

VIP concert at the rock n roll warehouse $3 at the door. Starts at 6pm.   Line up Sparkling spotlight Broken feedback the dolls Bad Reputation Uprooted the hype the detours

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Gallo Backstage Passes!

Posted  March 27th, 2015  by  Darin Morris

  Roberts Auto Sales has created some phenomenal backstage passes! This is a day to remember, everybody who is playing is eligible for one. Pick yours up at the Stage Door at the back of The Gallo Center.  

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March 29 Gallo Center for The Arts Line-Up

Posted  March 22nd, 2015  by  Darin Morris

  12:30 PM The Jammin J’s Out of Control Spectrum GirlStarz 1:30 PM Violent Whisper The Magic Boys Malfunction Rebel G 2:30PM Laundry Detergent All American Heartbreakers Skip to the Good Part Acid Reflux 3:30PM Broken Feedback Sparkling Spotlight Sacred 4:30 PM Perfect Nightmare Uprooted Bad Reputation Borja 5 5:30 PM The Hype The Detours [...]

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Vote for your favorite band!

Vote for your favorite band daily up until the Gallo Center event on May 29th! Winners will be announced at the event. The most popular bands will receive awards courtesy of the Guitar Center! $50 gift card to each member of 1s...
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Want More Love?

Want more love for you or your band on our website? Sign in as a subcriber, leave some comments, and let me know that you want to post stories, pix, videos or whatever about your band. I will make you an author on the website a...
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Started in 2010 The Black Skulls were named by Cade Morris, who along with Vivianna has since left the band, citing artistic differences and wanting to spend more time with family. The Black Skulls have since added Spencer and ...
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